Program Enables High School Students to Experience College

High-achieving high school students can experience university life, earn college credits, and get a head start on their post-secondary educations through Rutgers University’s Summer Scholars Program. “Summer Scholars come from across New Jersey as well as out of state, and represent some of the most promising young minds in the country,” said Liz Beasley, director of New Brunswick Summer and Winter Session. Read more.

Protection of Minors

The University has adopted a Protection of Minors Policy to promote the well-being and safety of minors who participate in programs or activities run by or associated with Rutgers. The policy includes requirements relating to reporting suspected abuse or neglect of minors, completing relevant online training, and undergoing background checks for Authorized Adults and people in Direct Contact Positions as defined by the policy. Non-University organizations that wish to operate programs or activities involving minors on RU campuses must ensure their programs are run consistent with the guidelines of the University’s Protection of Minors Policy and the Guide to Working with Minors.

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Youth Programs

The Division of Continuing Studies offers a variety of youth educational opportunities and programs for diverse ages and interests.

Pre-College Summer Academies

Choose from four intensive one-week residential certificate programs focused on engineering, STEM, and Leadership. For more information about other residential certificate programs, visit

Engineering Pre-College Summer Academy

The Academy is an intensive one-week certificate program that introduces participants to aerospace, biochemical, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental, forensic, industrial, material science, mechanical and systems engineering through an integrated program of lectures, demonstrations, hands-on projects, tours, and field trips.

Leadership Pre-College Summer Academy

Assess your own leadership style through a 360-degree assessment and carefully calibrated experiential exercises. Learn about the practices and ethics of leaders in a wide range of spheres through integrated lectures, interviews, engaging in-class activities, and a field trip to the United Nations Headquarters in NYC. Final student presentations address individual leadership development and applications.

Political Engagement Pre-College Summer Academy

Learn from university professors, grass roots activists, lobbyists, elected officials, political party leaders, and journalists about the complexities of our political system and how you can make an impact, even before you can vote. Through engaging classes, small group projects, guest speakers, and a field trip to Trenton, you’ll develop the skills to critically assess conflicting political messages and research data, form your own positions on pressing public issues, and present and defend them in writing and in oral debate.

Physical Therapy Pre-College Summer Academy

Learn about the exciting field of Physical Therapy and the Exercise Science major that provides an ideal track at Rutgers University to prepare to apply to a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Graduate Program. This program will help you learn more about the field through faculty lectures, field trips and hands-on activities. Students will receive advice on how to prepare now for this growing field from academic advisors and professionals in the field. You will tour the Functional Human Anatomy and Exercise Physiology Labs, visit the Graduate Rutgers DPT North Campus, and learn about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle through a hands-on cooking demonstration.

Reading Programs and More!

Rutgers Reading Programs for Children and Adults

Reading skills and speed reading programs for children and adults. For an enjoyable activity with lifelong benefits, we recommend one of our reading programs, which are designed and taught for ages four years to adulthood.

Summer Scholars Program

Designed for high-achieving high school students and gifted youth, the Rutgers Summer Scholars Program allows you the opportunity to study at one of the nation's top research universities.

Summer Start

Graduating seniors have the opportunity to earn credits by taking Summer Session courses the summer before starting college

Top Universities Preparatory (TUP) Program

TUP is a one-year bridge program designed to prepare high-achieving international secondary school seniors for admission to and successful study at top U.S. colleges and universities.

K-12 Programs, Summer Camps, and Year-Round Programs

Here is a list of all K-12 pre-college programs, summer camps and year-round programs found at Rutgers.

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