Rutgers offers more than 100 innovative educational opportunities for children and youth. 

Summer Programs

Summer Scholars

Summer Scholar

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High-achieving high school students and gifted youth may take up to two introductory-level Rutgers University courses for credit.

Summer Camps

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Fully online pre-college camps open to elementary, middle and high school students aimed at enhancing academic preparedness and extracurricular involvement. 


Year-Round Programs

Reading Programs


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Kids who are 4 years old to those entering 12th grade and beyond build reading skills at locations throughout New Jersey. 



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High school students preparing for undergraduate admissions can take courses throughout the year to prepare for the SAT or ACT. 

Top Universities Prep


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The Top Universities Preparation Program prepares high-achieving international secondary school seniors for admission to top U.S. universities. 

More K-12 Programs

k_12 Programs

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Explore academic enrichment, athletics, career and college prep, internships and more.