Learn Online, Earn a BS Degree

Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations provides quality, online education in the field of labor and employment relations (LER). LER studies provide students with a broad degree that is useful for many careers and countless graduate programs. Courses are highly interactive, demanding, and equivalent to Rutgers traditional course offerings. Learn more.


Online Learning

Online learning, whether you are taking a course or pursuing a degree, can be a valuable learning experience. Online learning provides flexibility, 24/7 accessibility, and the ability to work at your own pace. Online instructors make a range of resources and tools available to students such as video, library resources, simulations, and group projects that enhance learning and expose learners to a range of content.

Getting Started

Rutgers’ online programs can put you on the path toward a high school diploma, professional certification, your bachelor’s degree or master’s. An expanding roster of online programs responds to the changing needs of students and the public and private sector. Begin your search by exploring the noncredit course catalog, or visiting the online degree program site. Reach out to the contacts provided for additional information.

Degree Courses and Programs

Hundreds of credit courses and several complete degree programs are offered online through Rutgers Online, the virtual campus at Rutgers University. To determine if a course is offered online, visit the Schedule of Classes. For degree programs, you will need transcripts and other information for admission, just like any degree-granting program.

Nondegree Courses and Programs

Many Rutgers divisions, schools, and centers offer courses and certificate programs as well as degree-track programs that can help deepen your knowledge, expand your understanding, and further your career. Explore the offerings by selecting a program area above, or by browsing our noncredit course catalog. Requirements for nondegree and certificate programs may vary.

Is Online Learning for You?

Learning online can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, as a student you need to understand that it is different in many respects from traditional face-to-face learning. How you receive and give information, interact with fellow students and instructors, and submit assignments are just a few of the differences. 

To determine if online learning is right for you, you may want to assess you needs and abilities. The Professional Development Studies program at the School of Communication and Information, offers a great tool that you can use to determine if online learning is right for you.