New Skills, Expanding Opportunities

Many continuing education programs accept workforce training grants to assist the un(der)employed in receiving training. The Center for Management Development is one such department that has made difference in professionals’ careers through these grant opportunities. Read more.


About Us

How you view continuing education can depend on where you are in life. Whether you’re looking to earn a bachelor’s degree many years after completing high school, seeking professional courses to help advance your career, or just letting your curiosity point you in new directions, Rutgers’ continuing education programs have options to fit busy lives and varied schedules. More than 35 departments offer hundreds of credit and noncredit courses each year that will help you reach your professional and personal goals.

Rutgers noncredit continuing education offerings encompass everything from intimate workshops in watercolor painting to intensive certificate programs for business leaders. Rutgers is a hub of lifelong learning, offering a broad variety of options at every stage of your life from youth to retirement, and at every career crossroads, whatever your profession. Many Rutgers schools and centers offer courses and certificate programs as well as degree-track programs that can help deepen your knowledge, expand your understanding, and further your career.

Looking to give yourself credit? Credit-bearing certificate programs and certifications, offered by a variety of centers and departments at Rutgers, help train you in the skills that help you advance your career. Through our partnerships with some community colleges, you can earn select Rutgers degrees at these off campus locations. Additionally, through our university college programs, you can learn or complete your undergraduate degree, with flexible scheduling options.

Come see why Rutgers should be your lifelong learning partner. Contact us today for more information.