Photo by Mike Raynes

Of the 145 students in Rutgers’ summer scholar classes in New Brunswick, the majority are high school juniors and seniors. Ennyn Chiu, along with her 11-year-old sister Enna, were both enrolled in the same class, making them youthful standouts among the teenagers in the room.

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Editor's Note-- April 27, 2020:

Ennyn, now 13, has discovered a passion for earth science through her time with Dr. Ward. Since then, she has also taken a course in philosophy, which she "insists" is a science as well--the "science of the brain." She also recently took a Summer Scholars course on oceanography. 

Enna is now 15, and enjoys life science, taking an interest in the human body and in what she can see through a microscope. As a high school sophomore, she has already taken AP Chemistry and Biology, and is currently taking a Saturday Immersion class at Columbia on Cellular and Molecular Biology of Medicine. Enna loves writing and literature, and has self-published a novel on Amazon. She sees her interests in both literature and science as related, and is "exploring how those fields can be shared rather than be in opposition."

Both girls continue to grow from the skills and knowledge they gained through the Summer Scholars program, and their mother, Yen-Yen, says: "The summer scholars program showed my girls a picture of science in the real world, and science beyond K-12. It showed them other older students who were also passionate about science and broadened their perspectives on different ways to achieve personal goals and future options."