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When Dr. Matt Matsuda decided to create a signature video to showcase the new Honors College-New Brunswick, he wanted the medium to be as distinctive as the message. Since this handpicked community of 500 high-achieving students is known as a place for creative learning and new technology, Matsuda, the Academic Dean of the Honors College, wanted a similarly creative video­­. His vision was less talking heads and more interactive music video, both highly stylized and filled with animation as well as real life imagery.

“As the Uncommon Honors College, we wanted a leading-edge video to capture the spirit of what it actually feels like to be a student here. To be part of this journey of learning and discovery. We wanted it to have a graphic image quality rather than a documentary feel, and to creatively represent the student experience,” he said.

To bring this dream to life, Matsuda turned to Rutgers iTV Studio. In initial meetings, Matsuda referenced a variety of inspirations, from a Dave Matthews Band video for the song “Where Are You Going?” to the classic, colorfully animated “Yellow Submarine” movie for The Beatles. The video would show a day in the life of an Honors College student, moving through classes, athletics, different types of learning, music and art, and finally finishing with evening and a widescreen image of the Honors College as a world of its own within and connected to the larger Rutgers community. The iTV team jumped at the chance to bring this stylized vision to life.

“They immediately got the idea and were very enthusiastic about it. They never said this wouldn't work or tried to steer us in another direction. It was very gratifying to work with a team that had a can-do attitude. They guided us through each step and were excited to create this nontraditional video,” said Matsuda.

A producer-director was chosen to match the project. Students were then brought to the iTV studio for a day of filming in front of a green screen so that animation could be added. Next, a full day of filming with a camera crew was completed with students and faculty on-site at the Honors College. Finally, the video was set to the Honors College fanfare, written by Donel Young, communications manager for the Honors College who also holds an MFA in music composition.

The final result is a live action, animated, and musical tribute to showcase this state-of-the-art living-learning community. 

When Rutgers communicators want to create a video with lasting appeal, they turn to Rutgers iTV Studio to bring their vision to life on screen. iTV is the only production company at Rutgers with a full studio, the only professional broadcast company on campus. A full HD production facility with studio and location capabilities, iTV has a wide array of audio applications, multimedia services and content development support.

From voice overs and narration to backdrops, music composition and green screen use, iTV provides the equipment and expertise for full studio productions. Communicators have access to script writers, graphic designers and advanced digital editing, all to design the best video possible.

In addition to creating videos, iTV helps with the taping of events, such as the video live stream of Commencement as well as the “White Coat Ceremony” for Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, which includes presenting each medical student with a first white coat.

Located on the Livingston Campus, Rutgers iTV Studio works with communicators to create a cost-effective package that achieves specific goals. Communicators find it convenient to work with iTV, rather than an outside vendor, because of the ease of billing for services, with iTV already part of the Rutgers purchasing system. Some communicators even build a video line into their annual budgets with plans to use iTV for video creation each year.

All communicators are invited to take a tour of iTV this Fall.  Learn more about how to initiate and execute that video production you have been waiting to create. For more information, visit