Rutgers Career Changers



Ron Moten

Ron Moten UCC'95

NFL Linebacker to Camden County Chief of Detectives

Peter Girgis

Peter Girgis CCAS'04, CLAW'07

Corporate Lawyer to Tequila Brand President and Co-Founder

Suzanne Garber video thumbnail

Suzanne Garber CCAS'92

FedEx to Health-Tech Company Founder, Author and Filmmaker

Lauren Craig video thumbnail

Lauren Craig NLAW'05

Lawyer to Author and Newark "Glambassador"

Calvin Barry Schwartz video thumbnail

Calvin Barry Schwartz RC, BS, N'69

Pharmacist to Novelist and Cable TV Talk Show Writer/Producer/Co-Host

Frank Hundley video thumbnail

Frank Hundley RC'86

Lab Tech to Wealth Management Planner

Greg Gallant video thumbnail .      

Greg Gallant UMDNJ'84, Coding Bootcamp

Retired Dentist to Coding Tutor Manager

Jennifer Torres video thumbnail

Jennifer Torres RUturf

Military to Golf Course Superintendent




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